This years collect of esoteric awards given to movies, actors and actress by the MTV crowd. The nominees usually feature this years Hollywood favorites of teenagers to twenty-something year olds. Don’t let anyone over 30 into the room while watching!

MTV’s annual film awards show presented by a celebrity host features movie parodies in addition to award presentations, various celebrities of film and music, and music performances. The nominees are selected by MTV and the winners are decided online through MTV’s official website by the general public. The 2011 awards were presented by Jason Sudeikis. The latest Twilight Saga film was the main attraction once again.

  • Best Movie Winner:

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    In the third installment of The Twilight Saga film series a string of mysterious killings frightens Seattle. Bella, who is about graduate high school, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.

  • Best Comedic Performance Winner:

    Emma Stone in Easy�A

    Emma Stone plays a high school girl in this re-imagine of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, “Easy�A” is a contemporary high school comedy of a scheming student who plots to give her popularity a boost by painting herself the easiest lay in school.

  • Best Female Performance Winner:

    Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Kirsten Stewart reprises her roles as Bella in the “Twilight Saga” film series set in Seattle. A melodramatic love triangle between a indecisive and dressed teenage girl, a self-loathing vampire and a werewolf that hates to wear shirts.

  • Best Scared-as-shit Performance Winner:

    Ellen Page in Inception

    A psychological sci-fi action film about a professional thief who enters into the dreams of others and steals their secrets and ideas. Ellen Page plays the role of the Dream Architect, builder of the realistic dreams used to fool the thief’s mark.

  • Best Line From A Movie Winner:

    Alexys Nycole Sanchez in Grown Ups

    “I want to get chocolate�wasted!”

    Adam Sandler and his childhood pals are drawn back together after the death of their former basketball coach. Over the course of the Fourth of July weekend, they, along with their wives and children, loosen up and learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, air some dirty laundry, and rediscover their friendship.

  • MTV Generation Award Winner:

    Reese Witherspoon

    MTV Movie Awards honors Reese Witherspoon, iconic actor, with the MTV Generation Award to recognize a remarkable career.

    Some of Reese Witherspoon’s notable films are critically acclaimed “Election,” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, box office hit “Legally Blonde
    ,” “Sweet Home Alabama
    ,” her biggest commercial film success to date, and worldwide favorite “Walk the Line
    ,” which earned her an Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of June Carter Cash.

  • Best Kiss Winner:

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    “Would you kiss already!” Screamed every fan of Bella and Edward throughout ever installment of the Twilight Saga. Meanwhile, capitulating boyfriends covered their eyes.

  • Best Fight Winner:

    Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Robert Pattinson (Edward) topples trees in order to protect Kristen Stewart (Bella) and settle the score with Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) & Xavier Samuel (Riley). — MTV

  • Best Breakout Star Winner:

    Chlo� Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass

    Chlo� Grace Moretz literally kicks ass as a foul-mouthed, crime-busting ‘Hit-Girl’, earning the actress her spot as a Hollywood starlet on the rise. — MTV

  • Biggest Badass Star Winner:

    Chlo� Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass

    Chlo� Grace Moretz was only 12-years-old while filming the action-packed film ‘Kick-Ass,’ and performed a lot of her own hardcore stunts (after training with Jackie Chan’s stunt crew for three months prior to filming). Using nunchucks, fighting villains, and jumping off of buildings all before high school? That’s one badass 12-year-old shoot ’em in the face crime fighting superhero! — MTV

  • Best Jaw Dropping Moment Winner:

    Justin Bieber in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    This music documentary follows Justin Bieber with some footage of performances from his 2010 concert tour. editor Rick Florino says, “Never Say Never is a riveting and inspiring portrait of resilience, brilliantly tracing the meteoric rise of the world’s most important pop presence. It’s unique, undeniable, and unforgettable. This is the music and film event of the year!”

  • Best Villain Winner:

    Tom Felton in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part�1

    Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy heads deeper into the dark side as he uses his wicked wizardry against Harry. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part�1 is a fantasy-drama film, which is the seventh installment in the Harry Potter film series. The story follows Harry Potter on a quest to find and destroy Lord Voldemort’s secret to immortality — the Horcruxes.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is due to hit the theaters July 15, 2011.

  • Best Male Performance Winner:

    Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    “Robert Pattinson’s American accent is flawless. Pattinson sounds more passionate when he whispers than just about any other actor when they declare their love by thumping their chests. What makes that intimate moment between Pattinson and fellow player Kristen Stewart so effective is that the actor, in a few seconds, quietly whispering one brief, single line, is able to convey both his deep concern and his boundless affection for the person lying next to him.” — Rob Stenation

Watch the official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Trailer below.