Trump and Sanders in a Swan Boat

Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders In A Swan Boat On A Lake

Remembering David Bowie 1947-2016

It was a Christmas morning back in the seventies. I must have been 8 years old or so. I can’t really remember what my presents were but remember on of my sister’s presents. It was David Bowie’s album “Aladdin Sane.” Bowie in silhouette on the cover with a red and blue lightning bolt on his […]

Starting the new year with the best selling book – Girl on a Train

Apple MacBook in closet

My old MacBook laptop is given a new purpose

How to save cancelled tv shows.

TV Programmers are freaking idiots! Today I stumbled upon two neat shows on Hulu. I gobbled that sh*t up and watched every single episode available. I gave an entire day of my life to them, they were that good. I even re-watched some episodes because I was distracted by my iPad. But the shows were […]

Rapture in Las Vegas

When his plane crashes in Vegas Curtis learns Las Vegas is on fire. Is this the end of the world. I staggered across the floor. I was groggy and wading through a gaggle of smirks and grins, led by the hand of a topless woman, until a pair of metal doors flung open. Dear Lord, […]

Three ways to beat the heat starting with iced coffee

Oh boy was it hot tonight! A glass of iced coffee is one of three things you can make to cool down. So it was freaking hot today and tomorrow is supposed to hotter. I dont have air conditioning and all the fans are just pushing around hot air! I needed something to help cool […]

Page Seven

A collection of poems, prose, and creative lit. by DOC Curtis I Hope My spirit has run away from home. Before he left he stuffed a bag with: my heart, ripped out the cold furnace; my love, dragged off the rumpled bed; my smile, torn from the unhinged front door. Why did he leave me […]

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green delivers a wonderful tale about Hazel, a teenager recovering from cancer — but this is not a cancer book. It’s a book about inner AND outer exploration of life.

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Pedometer and Activity Tracker

The Fitbit wireless activity tracker displays your steps, floors climbed, miles traveled, calories burned, and activity score right on the device with the touch of a button. Fitbit Pedometer/Activity Tracker product information I started using the Fitbit over a month ago. A coworker of mine was using it and I was impressed by the wireless […]

Journey versus Dawn of the Dead

Mashups of movies and rock and roll are spiritual and transcending. Everyone knows about Pink Floyd and The Wizard of OZ, but do they know about Journey’s zombie ballads? Chaos! The apartment building swarmed with police, refugees, and fugitives. No one was safe. Everyone was a target. And, that was before all hell broke lose! […]

Do pictures have a temperature? Do they make you hot or cold?

There are many ways to interpret photography. Sometimes innocence can lead us down paths we cannot see. What do you see when you look at photography? The woman leads a small group of children in to the art gallery, “Do pictures have a temperature? Do they make you hot or cold?” “No!” the children respond […]