Three ways to beat the heat starting with iced coffee

Oh boy was it hot tonight! A glass of iced coffee is one of three things you can make to cool down. So it was freaking hot today and tomorrow is supposed to hotter. I dont have air conditioning and all the fans are just pushing around hot air! I needed something to help cool […]

Do pictures have a temperature? Do they make you hot or cold?

There are many ways to interpret photography. Sometimes innocence can lead us down paths we cannot see. What do you see when you look at photography? The woman leads a small group of children in to the art gallery, “Do pictures have a temperature? Do they make you hot or cold?” “No!” the children respond […]

What is SOPA?

The problem with SOPA is not that it is trying to stop websites that are distributing pirated content, but that is poorly worded and would make legitimate use of copyright protected material illegal. Sign the petition today. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. It is a legislative attempt by the United States congress to […]

Amazon’s California Sales-Tax Reprieve Is Approved by Brown 9.23.2011

Brown’s signature on the bill ends a stare-down with Amazon over a June law treating affiliates – digital billboards – the same as brick-and-mortar stores that collect the state sales tax. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in a compromise with Inc. (AMZN) that gives the world’s largest online retailer a one-year reprieve […]

Observing September 11, 2001, ten years later.

What does mourning an event that occurred ten years ago achieve? Has 9/11 become a pathetic display of misdirected patriotism? Ten years later, I post on my niece’s Facebook wall “Happy Birthday” for she is nineteen today. She has grown to be a fine young woman in these past ten years. She is an outstanding […]

Spilled Ink’s List of Charities

Spilled Ink, more than anything, believes that its our individual responsibility to help others when we can and without the compulsion of a tax collector backed by a military. Please, please, please find it in your heart to support one of them. Sample Backpack Supply List For Children Returning to School Backpack 3-ring binders Lined […]

Taxing the rich more will not fix a broken budget – it will waste even more money than what is wasted today.

Warren E. Buffett complains he didn’t pay enough taxes. Not once in his half-thought tax the rich diatribe does he call for fixing a broken budget. Regarding “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” By WARREN E. BUFFETT. Published: August 14, 2011 Mr. Buffett is perfectly capable of ignoring his tax breaks and I challenge him to publicly […]

California energy deregulation leads to phony energy crisis.

Is the California Energy Crisis a SCAM? by T. Curtis The Power crisis in CA feels like a SCAM; smells like a SCAM. Maybe I have been watching X-Files too long. Maybe I have been the victim of moral-less Big Business too long. I do know that having my power out (like it was WED) […]