Spilled Ink remembers Dennis Hopper by featuring his appearance on Inside The Actor’s Studio and a top 10 list of his best movies. Dennis Hopper passes away on Memorial Day Weekend, 2010.

Dennis Hopper’s biography on IMDB begins “Multi-talented and unconventional actor/director regarded by many as one of the true “enfant terribles” of Hollywood who has led an amazing cinematic career for more than five decades” read more

Dennis Hopper was known for his bizarre characters and iconic roles. On both the movie screen and on television, Dennis provided quality entertainment. Watch Dennis Hopper on “Inside The Actor’s Studio Dennis Hopper” parts one and two below. And don’t forget to add some of his best works to your DVD collection.

Inside The Actor’s Studio Dennis Hopper – Part 1

Inside The Actor’s Studio Dennis Hopper – Part 2

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