Since the early 1990s we have used the phrase “domain name” to refer to the name of a website. Yet, do we know what it represents?
  1. 1.Domain Names: A Domain Name is an alias or nickname for an IP address. Every website has an IP address. Domain Names were created because remembering a number up to 12 digits is to difficult.
  2. 2.Domain Name System: These nicknames are maintained by network of machines called DNS servers or Domain Name System. Every time you request a domain name with your web browser (such as some machine on the internet looks up the nickname in its database and matches it to an IP Address. This allows your computer to “talk” to the website’s computer.
  3. 3.IP Address (Internet Protocol address): Websites have IP address to help our computers find it on the Internet. Every computer attached to the internet has an IP Address. The computer you are reading this article has an IP address. Your current IP Address is. Don’t be alarmed that a website knows your IP Address. In order for information to transfer from a web server there must be an IP Address at both ends of the conversations. It is assigned by your Internet Service Provider (the company you pay to access the internet).

    The local network in your office and in your home also have IP Addresses. In a typical home setup there is a modum connected to the telephone line or cable tv line. Behind it there is a router. The router assigns a local IP address to the printers, computers, smart phones and devices on your LAN.

  4. 4.URL (Uniform Resource Locator): The domain name is part of the web site’s URL. It consist of the mid-level domain and the top level domain. A domain name may consist of several mid-level domains. In the domain name “” spilledink is the mid-level domain and “.com” is the top-level domain.
  5. 5.Top-Level Domains (TLD): There are several top-level domains. We are most familiar with .com (business and general), .edu (schools), .gov (government), .mil (military), .net (general), and .org (not-for-profit). .biz .info and .int are also available as well as country codes (.us for United States and the popular .tv for Tuvalu). Some websites have integrated the the TLD into the domain name such as and These sites have used the TLD associated with a country to complete a word. The popular social bookmarking service was once known as Keep reading about clever domain names. Use the website Domainr to create your own domain name and TLD combination.