Would you believe that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two of the most polarizing political candidates in recent memory, once went for a ride on a lake in a swan paddle boat?

Trump and Sanders in a Swan BoatIt’s true. And while you might think that these two would have nothing to discuss, it turns out that they have a lot more in common than you might think. Without further ado, here’s a transcript of said conversation:

Donald Trump: How do you work this thing?

Bernie Sanders: Donald, we’ve got to work together. Much like Americans need to, if we want to get past our current issues.

Trump: You know something, Bernie? We’re not so different, you and I.

Sanders: In what way?

Trump: We both have a gift for conversing with the public, we both know how to make voters feel as if they are truly a part of the conversation, as opposed to a mere constituent.

Sanders: Go on….

Trump: I see the two of us as each having the ability to tell a group of people that feels disenfranchised the things that they want to hear. While I myself believe that our nation needs to get tougher on crime and take a more active stance in foreign affairs and you’re more of a pacifist type, we are merely two sides of the same coin.

Sanders: So what you’re saying is that each of us has a special talent, but that we use it in different ways?

Trump: Precisely, my friend.

Sanders: I would go so far as to say that we both want to restore this nation to its former greatness and that each of us has a different method for going about that.

Trump: Now you see where I’m coming from. Each of us has a group who see our word as the gospel truth and we both feel an enormous sense of responsibility towards that group. Hey, I’m really starting to get the hang of this swan paddle boat thing. It works much better when we paddle simultaneously, instead of against each other.

Sanders: It’s almost as if this is some sort of metaphor for a larger point. Maybe if people like us united to help America, instead of tearing each other down, things would be different?

Trump: Perhaps you’re right, sir. Maybe there’s no need for this bipartisan system that pits us against each other every four years?

Sanders: I’d drink to that.

As the two men reach the shore of the lake and steer their swan paddle boat towards the coastline, they appear to have reached a much deeper understanding about each other’s ideologies. One can only wonder what the future holds, but it is safe to say that these two men are not nearly as different as one may think.

Disenfranchised Voters Find Hope for Real Change in Gary Johnson

Libertarian presidential candidate paddled up next to Trump and Sanders in a kayak and offered this insight…

Johnson: Eighty percent of Americans want more than two choices, and yet they have no idea why there isn’t another choice. I am am that choice. I am a classical liberal, which is being fiscally conservative and socially liberal

Trump: How so?

Johnson: For starters, I won’t take away American civil liberties and rights. I support gay marriage and I have no desire to ban abortion.

Sanders: What are you going to do about the corporate welfare and what about the children?

Johnson: Sanders, my friend, I plan to end corporate welfare and fix the government spending problem. And, I am mortified that students are graduating with huge debt. However, the cost of tuition has risen due to schools taking advantage of students via guaranteed student loans from the government.

Trump: You sound like a reasonable guy who has some really good ideas. Where can I learn more about you?

Johnson: Visit my website GaryJohnson2016.com. I am a classical liberal, which is being fiscally conservative and socially liberal