Donald Trump is in San Jose, California at the San Jose Convention Center today (South Hall, located at 150 West San Carlos Street, 7:00 – 8:30 PM). Saw his motorcade drive by my house. There were about a dozen motorcycles. Three California Highway patrol vans were parked beneath my balcony. The escorted party consisted of six black SUVs. They whizzed by without stopping, as one motorcycle police unit held the traffic light. KRON promise on-air updates on this breaking news story.

My friend invited me to go to the convention, but I declined. I am kind of afraid a crazy Democrat would kill us. Those protestors are quite insane and hostile.

California holds it primary election next Tuesday. I already voted by mail for Gary Johnson. Disenchanted Democrats and Republicans will find his positions to be better than Trump’s Hilary’s or Bernie’s. He’s a Bernie fan’s best choice since Bernie is not going to be the nominee. He’s pro-gay marriage, pro-legalized marijuana, pro-legal abortion, and pro-fiscal responsibility.

Gary Johnson already has a 10-15% following. When the primaries are over, that support will jump to higher levels.

What is the point? What is achieved?

I don’t understand the political rally protestor. They aren’t going to persuade anyone to change their mind. Worse, their extremism seems to do the opposite and only make the candidate more appealing. And gain support.

If they protest peacefully, they get ignored. Trump protestors end up yelling hate rhetoric, displaying rude and demeaning pictures, signs and effigies and become violent.

Then Trump protestors complain they were treated violently or were disrespected?

This is especially true with a “I don’t give a damn about your protest” like Trump. The more people have protested him, the support he has gained.

They should have ignored him like the media ignored Ron Paul.

Trump protestor wave the Mexican flag in protest not understanding the Mexican flag is a symbol of corrupt government, human rights violations, oppression, and authotarianism.
Trump protestors wave the Mexican flag in protest not understanding the Mexican flag is a symbol of corrupt government, human rights violations, oppression, and authotarianism.

Why is the Mexican Flag a Symbol of Trump Protest!?

People are actually protesting Trump by waving the flag of Mexico. Mexico is a country with a notoriously low human rights score!?

A country that suppresses free speech.

A country who’s government is rated as ‘highly corrupt.’

Wikipedia says, “Mexico [has a] legacy of elite, oligarchic consolidation of power and authoritarian rule.”

And they are protesting Trump and policies with the flag of Mexico ?

Unbelievable. Or, sadly believable.

Does anyone actually know anything about their standards and symbols? Not to mention the degree of treason waving a foreign flag represents in our election process?

Is the Mexican flag any less offensive than the mis-named Confederate Flag?

The demonstration has moved on to my street

9:30 at night. Its black night outside. Helicopters fly overhead as a squad of police vehicle blockage the streets outside of my condo. The police hastily don riot gear as a mob emerges from the other side of Guadalupe Expressway. They are chatting and challenging the dozens of police following them.

The protestors yell, “Fuck the police! Fuck all you PIGS! Fuck every last one of you!” The police silently follow and press the protestors down the street away from the convention center half a mile away. The busy street is at a standstill as cars have to wait for the demonstrators to be herded away.

Me and my neighbors watch from the safety of our balconies. I took a little video and some pictures but it is too dark outside. The images are just shadows and blurry lights. No violence occurs but as a long time resident of San Jose, I know the police to have little patience. I hope no-one gets hurt. But something inside me says they protestors would deserve it.