“Where you going?”

She flirted with him, “No where, anywhere.”

“San Francisco?”

“I guess so…. Is that where this train goes?”

“That’s the end of the line.”

A freight train rushed by on the other side of the platform, behind them. She turned her head to shield her face from the dust and debries it bellowed violently in to the air. The wind blew her hair across her face. She pulled it away, revealing large, round and beautiful brown eyes.  She looked up at him from her tilted face, waiting.

Doubt twisted within his brows as he appraised the unquestionably attractive woman.

“Look, if you are going to The City, you need to upgrade your ticket. This one is only good for Zone 4 to Zone 3.”

With that, the conductor climbed up the steps into the train and waved an all-clear to the engineer. The doors closed and the train began to move, leaving behind the girl in the camel colored wool skirt, beige sweater, with sandy blond hair blowing in the wind standing alone on an empty platform.