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I don’t know who is more popular this year: Santa or Star Wars? Disney’s new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, has laid siege to 2015’s Christmas season. Store shelves are packed with Star Wars merchandising items and in some cases, there is no evidence that it’s the Christmas season. Should I be dismayed or relieved?

Soup and the Force for Your Soul
It really hit me when on the shelf in front of me there was Star Wars Cambell’s chicken soup. Complete with Darth Vader shaped noodles. WTF? Really? Soup? I posted a picture of the soup cans to Facebook. And then friends started reply with other Star Wars swag including crackers, showerheads, socks, condoms, napkins… STAR WARS EVERYTHING!

Search for Star Wars on and there are 1541 results. Search and there 1,878,009 results!

It starts out with toys, of course, bu then there is watches. Lego Star Wars watches. And there are R2D2 nightlights. Wookie jackets. Darth Vader slippers. Star Wars Gingerbread men Disney Pins. You can even get a metal Star Wars popcorn bucket. Now that’s meta.
So Where is Santa?
I’ll be honest. I am not feeling Christmas this year. Even though it appeared on the shelves in September, it came too fast. Thank Jesus for the internet. I was able to buy nearly all the the gifts I am giving online, Mostly from Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and the two-day shipping is phenomenal. The only Star Wars swag I bought was the Star Wars soup. They will make good stocking stuffers. And, I’ll be sure to leave a bowl out for Santa.