TV Programmers are freaking idiots!

Today I stumbled upon two neat shows on Hulu. I gobbled that sh*t up and watched every single episode available. I gave an entire day of my life to them, they were that good. I even re-watched some episodes because I was distracted by my iPad. But the shows were so good, re-watching the episodes was pleasurable. And both are already cancelled.

Too bad there is no way to reverse these tv programming decisions. We have to think out of the scheduling and competing for an airtime slot. The old way of network programming just doesn’t work anymore.

The first show is called Zero Hour produced by ABC. It’s about a news paper editor searching for his wife. Along the way he uncovers secret societies, religious relics, Nazi experiments and special clocks. To find his wife, he has to solve riddles and clues in a similar fashion to the movies National Treasure and Indian Jones.

The only thing that sucks about the show is that it was cancelled after only 3 episodes. WTF? In their stunning brilliance, ABC tv programmers launched the show on Valentine’s Day (Is that a big tv-watching night?) in the eight o’clock time slot against… Big Bang Theory. DOH. BBT is only the number one sitcom on television and the number one show on Thursdays. What the hell are you guys thinking? Zero Hour is a Lost/X-Files type show. Why are you putting it the Thursday sitcom slot. Somebody like Mosses or some other guy at NBC established that eons ago. Seriously, you guys (tv programmers in general) have been repeating this stupidity with awesome shows for twenty years. I’m still mourning Firefly.  Try something new. (And while we are at it, reality shows are super freaking lame. Pull the plug already on that strike-buster.)

Too bad there is no way to reverse these tv programming fumbles. And quit punting on the first down. Three episodes is not enough. You held on to Lost and that became a huge success. It changed tv programming history.

Buy the book: TV Programming for Dummies, already

Think out of the time slot box. Stop making decisions like you are playing musical chairs and fighting over the last seat.  The old way of network programming just doesn’t work anymore. Drag an extra chair into the circle. Try something like airing the first six episodes on Hulu and Netflix, advertise the hell out of in on sites like Facebook, Hulu, and popular TV blogs. Create a following BEFORE moving it to broadcast.

Here is something to know about people who watch tv in the new century. There are more than three networks. The family doesn’t gather around the tv during prime time. We all have our own tvs and we watch tv anywhere and everywhere. (Probably not out on the lawn like Comcast seems to think.) We watch it via our recorders, cable on demand, Hulu… Have you heard of Yes you have because that’s where I found your show — where people like me are going to discover and watch our favorite shows. And we are going to watch them all on one day, or on the weekend, or at some time other than a set time time slot. Only very special shows get time slot dedication like X-Files, Lost, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Revolution… (Can you see a pattern? These shows are/were not on Thursdays at 8pm). You didn’t even give Zero Hour enough time to become special.

It’s basic human biology.

Even though we have two eyes, we can’t watch two shows at once. Not with any practicality, at least. So if you put your show up against the number one sitcom, in the number one time slot, no one is going to even know your show exists!