: Gary Johnson Running For President, Call Trump's Plans Just Whacked - Just Nuts!Godwin’s law aside, people who hate and fear Donald Trump say he is the next Hitler. But can that really happen?
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says, “He would be president of the United States. He’s not going to be a dictator.” Just the same, Johnson says that Trump is not a small-government conservative and that Trump will expand government controls.
Personally, I would never vote for Trump but much of the hullabaloo about Trump has been trumped up. When he first came on the political radar he was labelled a racist.

Trump Announces President Bid and Becomes a Racist in the Same Day

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
People hit the roof like the little girl in The Exorcist when he said this. They called him a racist and Mexican Americans rallied against him.
But Trump wasn’t talking about all Mexicans. He was talking about illegal immigrants. Who are in fact, breaking several laws all the time. Entering the country illegally, working in the country without permission, identity theft if they are “paying taxes,” driving without a license*, driving without insurance, lying or using false records to enroll foreign born kids in school, working in industries that require contractor’s licenses and insurances…
As for the rapist part, I cannot substantiate that illegal immigrants commit this crime with high or unusual frequency.

Don’t Vote For Donald Trump

Donald Trump says a shit-ton of offensive crap and does not have the tact and talent to perform the functions of the United States president. Period. But is he an actual racist? Most of his remarks are about country of origin and those countries have a cultural track record. According to Wikipedia, people use the word “racist” incorrectly.
CBSNews.com wrote: “According to a Reuters analysis of Labor Department data, a number of Trump’s companies have applied for hundreds of temporary visas for foreign workers since 2000. Nine companies, which Trump has majority stakes in, have tried to bring in at least 1,100 foreign employees to work as cooks, wait staff, vineyard hands and other miscellaneous laborers under a short-term work visa program.” This includes unskilled laborers. Why would a racist or xenophobic hire these people?

I Came Here to Read About Nazi’s

 So this opine took off on a racism discussion but it was necessary to establish that one of the crucial characteristics to label Trump as the next Hitler is to say his so called racism will lead to some kind of genocide. As of this writing Trump has not said he wants to exterminate a race. At worst, he said he want’s to ban Muslims because their religion has a tendency to have extremists that kill due to religious motivation. And deport those who came to this country who came here illegally.  Justified or not, that’s the extent of it. Our president, by his oath of office, is supposed to enforce our laws and a president who does not deport illegal immigrants is committing a federal crime.
My motivation for commenting on the Trump-Hitler correlation is a letter reposed by one of my friends on Facebook posted by some guy named Jim Wright.
Wright starts off by writing about the Nazi Brown Shirts and then compares them to The Lion Guard, a self created group to protect Trump and from the violence of those protesting Trump. Things have become insane at Trump’s rallies. Groups like MoveOn.org are sending people to Trumps rallies, instructing them to get as many tickets as possible and attend the rally and then disrupt the rally. Who does that? That’s aggression. They want to incite violence.
Wright’s logic is: Hitler had Brown Shirts (who did a lot of crazy shit), Trump has The Lion Guard, therefore Trump is Hitler.
For whatever reason, I had to respond to this, “Except this is not anything like the rise of Nazism. Nor would our laws and courts allow that to happen.”
So another dude responds and says sarcastically that the Nazi’s were known for respecting laws and courts. The guy jumped into the discussion being a rude and continued to be that way for the rest of the night.  Aren’t lefties supposed to be tolerant and open minded?
Actually, the Nazi did not respect the laws and courts – until they controlled them. But they had a different system and different laws than we have. Easier to control. The population was small relative to population of the US today and national mood was united against foreign nations. Ours is split in two and seemingly irreparable.

Germans didn’t have free speech, nor free press. The technology of the time prevented  communication (unlike today and the instant communication of the internet.

To which he responded that Hitler was a capitalist, pro-gun, and anti universal healthcare.

My book club recently read the book “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin” written by Erik Larson which is about the United State’s ambassador to Hitler’s Germany, William E. Dodd. A non-fiction account. What the Nazis did and how they did it is fresh in my mind.

My reply to this “accusation” by the left wing dude:

Hitler took the guns away from his opponents and armed his party. In that respect, Trump has not proposed take guns away from any group. Obama’s admin and the general Democrat party are trying to take guns away from specific groups like Muslims and the other people on the no fly list (which is widely believed to be flawed).

Hitler was mostly concerned with rearming the nation to counter the Treaty of Versailles.

Nazi practiced fascist economic theories such as strict control over resources, land and production for reasons other than profit, dictating what is produced and for what purposes. Culminating in a demand to serve the state over the individual.

Like FDR and Bernie Sanders desires, the Nazis initiated massive spending programs to stimulate the economy, generate jobs and encourage economic growth.

Germany had socialized healthcare before the Nazis, but it was Hitler who imposed it on the entire population of Germany. Kinda like the ACA was.

Then the friend who re-posted Wright’s rant replied:
At the time of Hitlers rise, Germany was a semi-presidential republic, same as we are currently with the exception they have a Chancellor and a President. The govt before Hitler was a reformist one. “Reforms such as the eight-hour workday, the releasing of political prisoners, the abolition of press censorship, increases in workers retirement , sick and unemployment benefits, and giving labor the right to organize into unions.”
After Hitler was appointed Chancellor he had the Enabling Act passed, which allowed him to pass laws without the approval of the assembly among other things. It has many parallels in the Patriot Act.
I did not feel this was particularly accurate and  researched my next reply:

The Nazi party supported Hitler… the RNC does not support Trump at this time. Hitler appointed as chancellor, not elected. Additionally, to pass the Enabling Act, he arrested over 80 of his opposition and prevented several more from voting.

In addition to this, the president, Hindenburg, went along with his demands until his death when the various supporters Hitler had put in place, along with some military backing eliminated the position of the president.

There would have to be radical change in our government for any of this to happen. Trump would have to replace the Supreme Court and all the federal judges. State governments would have to follow suit. Trump just doesn’t have that kind of support. Even before the election he is less popular than Obama, Clinton, Bush and Reagan. Hitler was popular like Reagan or Clinton and the Germany nation was mostly united behind the Nazis. That’s just not going to happen with Trump. Trump is not nationally popular.

In fact, if he is elected, in two years the Democrats will control congress. Our president does not have the same power that Germany’s chancellor and president had. He’ll be a one term president.

 And that’s where the discussion ended.
 Hitler was a fascist and a dictator. Trump has not proposed a move away from our current political structure.  Just the same I hope he will not become president.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Hilary nor Bernie either. I am a register Libertarian and I my vote is currently with Gary Johnson for president 2016. You won’t get the GOP bullshit nor the DNC social worker paradise and false promises of free services from a Libertarian candidate. On social issues you’ll get freedom and choice. On economic issues you’ll get responsibility and rational policy.
““The biggest issue [the United States faces is] the unsustainable debt that we have and government spending. Government is too big. It tries to do too much. It spends too much,” Johnson said.