A random status on Facebook inspires a lighthearted rant about a successful young actress with many films to boast.

A friend writes on Facebook, “Kristen Stewart is the most uninteresting person on the planet.” The name does not ring a bell with me. Nor does it ring a bell with my friend’s friend on Facebook. “My question is who is Kristen Stewart?” asked her friend.

Kristen_Stewart_smilingSince I am browsing the internet with Firefox, I highlighted the name and selected “Search Google for Kristen Stewart”. The browser opened another tab so I clicked over. The results immediately reminded me of who she is. The search results started with, “News for Kristen Stewart: Peoples Choice Awards 2011: Twilight, Kristen Stewart big win…”

Ahhhhhh, now I know who she is. “Uninteresting” would not have been the word I choose to describe her. She is OK, relatively, I guess. She is the female lead of The Twilight Saga [slash] movie tri-pentology. The chick who falls in love with a vampire and after 5 movies cannot figure out that that is not a wise decision. Alarmingly true to life and teenage obsession with bad-boys. Problem is, bad-boys are bad and bring everyone around them down with them. “Bad boys, bad boys, what-cha gonna do…”

Without being mean, I think I would describe Kristen Stewart as banal or annoying. Her persona (which persists through all her characters) rubs me the wrong way. I have even seen her on late night talk shows where she is the same moody introvert. I have also seen these Kristen Stewart movies: Panic Room
, Zathura
, The Cake Eaters
, Jumper
, Twilight
, New Moon
, Adventureland
. We need a to see a happy and confident Kristen Stewart, for a change. At this point, the girl appears to be on the road to a break down and being institutionalized. But I guess that is just American cinema – defining characters by the actor rather than defining actors by their characters.

I have no plans to watch Eclipse
or Breaking Dawn unless I happen to flip through them. I plan on watching The Runaways, though, mostly because I am a fan of Joan Jett
, LOL.