Hillary Clinton Thug LifeHillary Clinton, a member of the white rich elite,  has a stunning list of accomplishments. Working in tandem with her husband, then president of the united states, Bill Clinton, she has been a prime example of the corruption of the United States government.

18 Reasons to Elect Hilary Clinton for President

  1. Travelgate – found guilty of making false statements under oath. Fired staff to put personal friends into government positions.
  2. Vince Fosters Death – Obstructs justice by illegally removed documents from Foster’s home that were later found in the Clinton’s home 19 months after her acquittal.
  3. Hillary Care – “I am not an expert on health care,” lost of $32 million – found guilty of lying
  4. Whitewater Investigations – Although Hilary was acquitted, Bill Clinton pardoned their friend Susan McDougal after she was sentenced to jail for refusing to testify. President was found to have lied under oath and obstructed the investigation. 15 Clinton friends were convicted of 40 crimes.
  5. Cattlegate -Found guilty of lying about suspicious trades that returned 100,000% of initial investments.
  6. Filegate – Improperly used the FBI to investigate her political opponents. Personnel Sectury Director refuses to testify against Hilary and resigns.
  7. Chinagate – campaign fundraising abuses and cover-ups.   Department of Justices reports the Clinton’s new about improper donations.
  8. IRS Abuses – Both Hilary and Bill us the IRS to harass Republicans, political adversaries and conservative organizations. Senior IRS official confirms Clinton opponents were targeted. They also all of Bill Clinton’s female sex victims.
  9. Pardongate – Bill Clinton pardons gain economic donations Hilary’s campaign for New Your Senate.
  10. FALN Terroists Pardon in exchanged for votes for Hilary. Bill Clinton used his position as president to block an investigation.
  11. The Clinton Legal Defense Fund – set up so their friends and influences can pay for her endless legal fees.
  12. Senate Candidate Clinton Campaign Finance Investigations – found guilty.
  13. Senate Rules Violations – conflict of interests
  14. Secretary of the State – lost 6 billion dollars, refused to purse terrorist groups
  15. State Department Scandals and Cover-ups
  16. Benghazi Terrorist Attack Cover-up
  17. Clintons withhold documents contrary to the Freedom of Information Act
  18. Clinton Foundation Conflicts of Interests

And Don’t Forget the 2015-2016 FBI Investigation into Hillary’s Illegal Use of Private Email and Insecure Devices for Government Email

The most recent release of Mrs. Clinton’s emails found more than 26 percent of them contained information that the government now deems classified or secret. Another 22 messages have been deemed “top secret” and can’t be released even in part.

Hillary Clinton said none of the messages was marked classified at the time she sent or received them and that the Obama administration has overused secrecy tags for her messages.  Washington Times


Gary Johnson is a Better Choice

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman and politician. He served as the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, as a member of the Republican Party, and was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.  He is a candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in the 2016 election. Wikipedia

Gary Johnson is the best alternative to Trump, Clinton and Sanders