One of my favorite blogs is a geiser of Superbowl articles this year. Check out this list and I bet you’ll become a Mashable fan too.

Mashable is one of my favorite blogs and this year they have gone gaga over the superbowl! Just this morning I opened the Mashable app on my iPhone while doing my business and it seemed like every other story was about the Superbowl. Here are some the best articles. Enjoy.

  1. Walmart’s Scary Clown Ad Goes Viral, Haunts Dreams [VIDEO]
  2. Lindsay Lohan: E-Trade’s Super Bowl Ad Is a Parody of Me [VIDEO]
  3. 20 Must-Follow NFL Players on Twitter
  4. How Social Media Is Changing the Super Bowl
  5. Google Runs Super Bowl Ad for a Touchdown
  6. Super Bowl Commercials: The 15 Best Tech Ads
  7. Super Bowl Ads: Hulu’s Winners and Losers [STATS]
  8. Target’s Facebook Campaign Combines the Super Bowl and Valentine …
  9. Top 10 Super Bowl Ads With the Most Twitter Pre-Buzz [Infographic]
  10. Super Bowl on YouTube

Commercials Banned From the Superbowl