Retrocomputing Closet of Doom

I was cleaning my closet when a box caught my eyes, so I opened it and guess what I found? Just my old MacBook laptop! I can’t remember the last time I used it, but since it still looked good, I decided to plug it in. Imagine my surprise when it worked. Just listening to the operating sounds and looking at the GUI brought back many memories. Even my favorite game was still there.

This laptop holds so many memories that I don’t want to leave it stored and forgotten in the attic, so I decided to bring it to the e-waste recycling center. My mind was at peace knowing that my old laptop will be given a new purpose. The next day, I went to the Apple store to buy a new Mac Book. I was happy with the options, but I couldn’t decide which color I should choose. In the end, I picked silver due to its clean and luxurious look.

So, why did I buy another MacBook laptop when there are other options out there? There’s a reason why I am so attached to MacBook laptops. These laptops are truly different. Here’s what I like about the new generation MacBook laptops.

Award Winning Design

MacBook’s unibody gives it a sophisticated and robust look. As it uses aluminum, the laptop only weighs 0.23 kg. The sleep indicator light on the laptop also shines from behind the aluminum. Moreover, the unibody was made by refining it with CNC machines, which are some of the most precise manufacturing tools today.

Apple won the Harris Interactive’s “Brand of the Year” for it’s MacBoo, beating out Google, Samsung, and Amazon.

Superior Technology

The previous generation’s standard models were 2.4GHz and 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duos and both have the same L2 cache. The new generation, however, are equipped with a 1066MHz system bus and are available in two models – the 2.4GHz and 2.0GHz that use Intel Core 2 Duos. Storage can be increased to 320GB up to 350GB. Both models also use the 8x slot-loading SuperDrive for the optical drive. Battery life has increased from 4 and a half to 5 hours.

Gorgeous Graphics

The MacBook features a Retina display with edge-to-edge glass making images sharp and rich in vibrant detail. Photos leap off the screen.

The new MacBook laptop is equipped with an integrated processor that offers up to 5 times better performance. It has 16 parallel processing cores and 256MB DDR3 SDRAM, which leads to more detailed, more responsive and faster 3D images. This makes the new MacBook laptop a great option for gamers.

Environmental standards

“Apple continues to be a leader in environmental initiatives among tech companies, according to a new report issued by watchdog agency Greenpeace.”  – TechCrunch

The aluminum unibody can be recycled. The new MacBook has no brominated flame retardants. Its internal cables also contain no PVC and the glass of the screen does not have any arsenic. The new MacBook meets Energy Star requirements and holds an EPEAT gold rating.

The new MacBook has a trackpad that is almost forty percent larger than the previous models. The trackpad also has a Multi-Touch capability that allows for 3 and 4-finger swiping, using any section of its surface as a button and pinching to zoom out and zoom in. The screen offers a thinner LED backlit display which offers full brightness once the laptop is turned on. With the frameless glass front, the widescreen appears larger than it is.

There’s also a Mini DisplayPort that provides a convenient plug-and-play connection. It can show images on the Apple LED Cinema Display and MacBook at the same time. There are Mini DisplayPort adaptors for dual-link DVI, VGA and DVI connections.

All in all, the new MacBook laptop is a great investment so I did not hesitate to buy it.