Page Seven is the latest addition to Spilled Ink featuring a collection of works by Spilled Ink co-founder, DOC Curtis. Experience this demonstration of expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm for yourself.

Page Seven is the latest addition to Co-founder of Spilled Ink, DOC Curtis returns after 18 years with his own special flavor of seven syllable, seven line prose initially unveiled and recited during the Alum Rock Writer’s Group April 2011 meet-up (Northern California). This expanding collection explores many subjects from parenthood to baseball. At times, the poetry is whimsical yet emotionally reflective. Each single-word titled poem stands on its own while creating a figurative photo album of the life and experiences of DOC Curtis: father, high school teacher, veteran, writer, dreamer… brother. This exciting new poetic form will thrill you line for line.

VI Hair

My son told me, “Your breath smells
like a baseball game.” I thought,
“Hotdogs, peanuts, cold draft beer,
ice cream, popcorn, grass, and dirt,
wooden bats, leather gloves, sweat,
new hats, crumpled money, a
foul ball, tickets, my boy’s hair.”

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