A collection of poems, prose, and creative lit. by DOC Curtis
  • I Hope

    My spirit has run away
    from home. Before he left he
    stuffed a bag with: my heart, ripped
    out the cold furnace; my love,
    dragged off the rumpled bed; my
    smile, torn from the unhinged front
    door. Why did he leave me hope?

  • II Choices

    Sunday—mass or blessed sleep
    Monday—work or call in sick
    Tuesday—cook or buy Chinese
    Wednesday—the movies or sex
    Thursday—court TV or walk
    Friday—one drink or get drunk
    Saturday—what more choices?

  • III Home

    One night, on the outskirts of
    Madrid, I attended a
    LIVE SEX SHOW. Starring were four
    tits, three asses, two vages,
    and one dick. That dick should be
    given an award! After
    the show, I brought a girl home.

  • IV Up

    I bit big into a dark
    red apple and, and nothing.
    There was no taste. There was no
    sweet nor juicy. So I threw
    her away and picked out an
    orange. Now she was sweet for
    sure. And I ate her all up.

  • V Back

    At night do you ever just
    like to roll down the windows,
    turn off the radio, dim
    the dash lights, and drive as fast
    as you can through the back hills
    over that two lane road and
    then turn around and drive back?

  • VI Hair

    My son told me, "Your breath smells
    like a baseball game." I thought,
    "Hotdogs, peanuts, cold draft beer,
    ice cream, popcorn, grass, and dirt,
    wooden bats, leather gloves, sweat,
    new hats, crumpled money, a
    foul ball, tickets, my boy’s hair."

  • VII Pelota

    Big ole Panda at home plate
    Swinging, rocking before the
    pitch, and the kick, here comes the
    throw, he shifts, he twists, head down,
    he strokes the ball, it flies to
    the wall, further, more, over,
    splash—adios pelota!

  • VIII Yankee

    3000 hits, a sure hall
    of famer. The argument
    begins: better than Babe Ruth,
    or Lou Gehrig, not better,
    surely, than DiMaggio,
    or Mickey Mantle, but yes—
    Jeter: the greatest Yankee!