Top 3 Movies to watch on Father’s Day

Bait and Switch

Going Anywhere – a moment at the Santa Clara train station.

The Simple Things – Being a teacher in world full of technology

Girl reading a book

CONTEST: Where is your favorite place to read?

Injured, He Searched for First Aid Tape

Injured, He Searched for First Aid Tape

Colder than a Witch’s Teat

Colder than a Witch’s Teat

Saved by the light of a bright LED bike light

Saved by the light of a bright LED bike light

How to save cancelled tv shows.

TV Programmers are freaking idiots! Today I stumbled upon two neat shows on Hulu. I gobbled that sh*t up and watched every single episode available. I gave an entire day of my life to them, they were that good. I even re-watched some episodes because I was distracted by my iPad. But the shows were […]

Rapture in Las Vegas

When his plane crashes in Vegas Curtis learns Las Vegas is on fire. Is this the end of the world. I staggered across the floor. I was groggy and wading through a gaggle of smirks and grins, led by the hand of a topless woman, until a pair of metal doors flung open. Dear Lord, […]

Three ways to beat the heat starting with iced coffee

Oh boy was it hot tonight! A glass of iced coffee is one of three things you can make to cool down. So it was freaking hot today and tomorrow is supposed to hotter. I dont have air conditioning and all the fans are just pushing around hot air! I needed something to help cool […]

Page Seven

A collection of poems, prose, and creative lit. by DOC Curtis I Hope My spirit has run away from home. Before he left he stuffed a bag with: my heart, ripped out the cold furnace; my love, dragged off the rumpled bed; my smile, torn from the unhinged front door. Why did he leave me […]