10 Movie Favorites from the past year (2009-2010)

Spilled Ink has put together a list of favorite movies from the past year (2009-2010). These are movies that had made and impact. Video On Demand Watch a movie right now – Amazon also offers Video On Demand. Click here to Watch a Movie Now I felt like listing some of my favorite movies from […]

California energy deregulation leads to phony energy crisis.

Is the California Energy Crisis a SCAM? by T. Curtis The Power crisis in CA feels like a SCAM; smells like a SCAM. Maybe I have been watching X-Files too long. Maybe I have been the victim of moral-less Big Business too long. I do know that having my power out (like it was WED) […]

Guidelines and About Us | Spilled Ink

attention! We are Spilled Ink… what? Spilled Ink is a journal of creative thought, is comprised of poetry, short fiction, essay, other creative prose, black & white art and photographs. Originally a printed quarterly, Spilled Ink has moved to exclusively publishing on the web. We put as much as is aesthetically pleasing inside it and […]