Starting the new year with the best selling book – Girl on a Train

Colder than a Witch’s Teat

Rapture in Las Vegas

When his plane crashes in Vegas Curtis learns Las Vegas is on fire. Is this the end of the world. I staggered across the floor. I was groggy and wading through a gaggle of smirks and grins, led by the hand of a topless woman, until a pair of metal doors flung open. Dear Lord, […]

Just for Writers – A Collection of Books for Inspiration and Publishing

Spilled Ink has created an Amazon aStore of a select collection of books for inspiration, beating writer’s block, and getting published. Spilled Ink has just created a new Amazon aStore of a select collection of books to help writers find inspiration, get past writer’s block, and get published. This bookstore created just for writers is […]

Best Photos, Paintings, Illustrations

Today, everyone has a camera. Its on their cell phone, tablet, or even an actual camera! (Imagine that.) Photography is a fun hobby. Most of us use it to document the events in our lives, share amusing signs and packaging, up load images to Instagram, Facebook, and image sharing sites such as Flickr. Did you […]

Guidelines and About Us | Spilled Ink

attention! We are Spilled Ink… what? Spilled Ink is a journal of creative thought, is comprised of poetry, short fiction, essay, other creative prose, black & white art and photographs. Originally a printed quarterly, Spilled Ink has moved to exclusively publishing on the web. We put as much as is aesthetically pleasing inside it and […]