7 Years of Obama’s Economics

Taxing the rich more will not fix a broken budget – it will waste even more money than what is wasted today.

Warren E. Buffett complains he didn’t pay enough taxes. Not once in his half-thought tax the rich diatribe does he call for fixing a broken budget. Regarding “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” By WARREN E. BUFFETT. Published: August 14, 2011 Mr. Buffett is perfectly capable of ignoring his tax breaks and I challenge him to publicly […]

Palin, Her Gaffes Second to One: Obama

An editorial discussing the pointless harassment of Palin and her gaffes. The ridicule only perpetuates her career. President Obama and Vice President Biden are also known for their Gaffes. If people simply stopped talking about Palin, she would go away. Although, its not just about lack of experience, hypocrisy and gaffes. Consider our current president […]