Trump and Sanders in a Swan Boat

Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders In A Swan Boat On A Lake

Anything not good for you, is illegal.

Racism in Hollywood #OscarsSoWhite

7 Years of Obama’s Economics

The American Taco Stand

A playful analogy of the tax system in the United States. American’s fixate on the percentage rate of taxation rather than the quantity of dollars it represents. By Terence Curtis 1/21/2012 It was so funny the day I opened a taco-stand… There was nothing original about the food, but there was originality in my pricing. […]

Amazon’s California Sales-Tax Reprieve Is Approved by Brown 9.23.2011

Brown’s signature on the bill ends a stare-down with Amazon over a June law treating affiliates – digital billboards – the same as brick-and-mortar stores that collect the state sales tax. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in a compromise with Inc. (AMZN) that gives the world’s largest online retailer a one-year reprieve […]

Sarah Palin Shoots Congresswoman Giffords

Political created to illustrate the rampant conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin is to blame for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting in Tuscan, Arizona On January 8, 2011, congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat, Arizona) was shot outside a busy Tucson supermarket. Six people were killed and fourteen others were wounded. Giffords is recovering in the hospital from a […]

Palin, Her Gaffes Second to One: Obama

An editorial discussing the pointless harassment of Palin and her gaffes. The ridicule only perpetuates her career. President Obama and Vice President Biden are also known for their Gaffes. If people simply stopped talking about Palin, she would go away. Although, its not just about lack of experience, hypocrisy and gaffes. Consider our current president […]

California energy deregulation leads to phony energy crisis.

Is the California Energy Crisis a SCAM? by T. Curtis The Power crisis in CA feels like a SCAM; smells like a SCAM. Maybe I have been watching X-Files too long. Maybe I have been the victim of moral-less Big Business too long. I do know that having my power out (like it was WED) […]