Whoever controls the media, controls the mind -- Jim Morrison

The mainstream news media just doesn’t get it. They are still at it and didn’t learn a thing form this election cycle

Their sensationalism, and distortions nurture and feed the hysteria of the disenchanted voters. Through out this election cycle they have blatantly have tried to influence the election. The mainstream news media is not objective. They are greedy corporations. They are shills.

In my opinion, the mainstream news media was most influential in Trump’s election win.

The news media is trying to deflect is irresponsibility to a new scapegoat called “fake news.” Fake news and social media spread exaggerations and distortions without accountability.

The News Media uses headlines to distort the story

People believe this stuff — because they don’t go listen to the original interview or review the material in original context. Americans only read headlines.

The average voter doesn’t research their go-to candidate and they easily dismiss another’s candidate when the news media sets out to ridicule candidates that might gain a grassroots following. When a candidate is a real there like Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul, the news denies their existence and omits them from the election coverage.

They will remember only the headlines and carefully chosen soundbites that stabbed into their brains relentlessly over a 24/48-hour period. With this comes mass acceptance of the story, which also means mass condemnation of any questioning of it. — Simin Wood for Mint Press News

And now, even though the president-elect is far from inauguration and far from having his appointments complete, the news media are making predictions and setting perceptions before anything — laws or policy — is in place. They are openly trying to keep us polarized. Even brash president Obama is trying to divide us, manipulate us.

Third Party votes matter

People tell me vote caused this outcome — therefore voting 3rd party does matter, is not wasted. But the reality is, if my candidate was elected, our country would not be in emotional turmoil and still poised at each other’s throat.

(My candidate lost election, too. I am not a Republican and “Republicans are bad” and somehow that justifies something does not resonate with me. It is a fallacy to assume that one is endorsing one party while criticizing another.)