Here I’ll collect those one offs, tweets, quips and the like.


When you live in a crappy place there are a multitude of things to be concerned about before one gives a damn about dust. But when you live in a nice place, everything can be put away and orderly but it isn’t clean. There is that damn dust. Now, cleaning isn’t over until the dust is gone — and dusting sucks.

How many spaces after a period?

I can’t believe people on Facebook are arguing over spaces after a period. There is no opinion involved. It’s typography. It’s fact. On a typewriter, its 2. On a computer its 1 because the extra space is built into the period character of a font.

People are loading their guns over it.

Celebrity Deaths

I think Bowie is my John F. Kennedy

You’ve got a dirty mind

Go to and search for “the beaver”… Wasn’t what you were expecting, was it?


Last night I was talking to some guys at local bar and one says he went to my high school (1990) but he got kicked out for hitting a teacher, then he got kicked out of continuation school for fighting, and he’s currently on parole and attending mandatory anger management.

Then he says — no shit, verbatim — “But, I’m not a violent person.” I kept quiet and drank my whiskey.