by Josperbott

Finally! We got a Wonder Woman movie, and what a movie. Certainly, one of the best DC Comics movies to come out in a few years given to a heroine that has been waiting for her own movie for quite a long time. The action scenes are as amazing as the special effects and the story.

The movie does in a way work as an “origins” movie for the Wonder Woman character, which was already presented to us in that Batman v Superman movie that no one really liked, so good for her. We see how she, as the princess of the Amazons, lived in a sheltered island where she is to prepare for her role as princess of the warrior race of the Amazons. Diana (Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot) then meets the American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who just crashed into the island, and explains her the situation of the war that’s taking place outside her “shelter island”. Then Diana Prince embarks on a journey to help them end this world-ending war. It is then that she discovers the value of her super powers and becomes Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, the role model

The character of Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston, an American inventor, psychologist and, of course, comic book writer. It was intended to be a strong female character young girls could look up to. He combined strong feminist ideals to create the worlds of Wonder Woman, taking advantage of the movement for the rights of the women that were taking place in the 40’s, also meant to be a role model for strength, and a symbol of hope for the girls, since it was created in the middle of World War II.

Wonder Woman was a creation of utopian feminism introduced in 1941 by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist with a Ph.D.

Today Wonder Woman is a symbol for feminism, equality of rights. The ideal of a strong woman, just as good as Superman. Actually, she represents women rights so great, that in 2016 she was named UN Honorary Ambassador for that Empowerment of Women and Girls. But this, of course led to some controversy in which her title was removed. However, to think that a comic book character would get so far only supports the idea of Wonder Woman as a strong symbol for women around the world.

Wonder women in film

If you like superhero movies this is one you surely will not want to miss, is one of the best of the year and, as mentioned before, probably the best to come out of DC Comics cinematic universe in a while. And if you already saw it and really liked it, there are quite a few other cool movies you can check out, since we’re getting ready for the Justice League movie why not check out its “counterpart” with the infamous Suicide Squad. Or you could check out, in case you haven’t yet, check out Batman Vs Superman so you may judge it yourself. Now, if you’re in the mood to check out some movies with kick-ass female character you can always check again Kill Bill I & II (starring Uma Thurman) for some bloody martial arts heroine, the Resident Evil (starring  Milla Jovovich) saga for a zombie filled adventure, Amelie (starring  Audrey Tautou) for a comfy and artsy beautiful movie.