Top 10 Banned Books

ALA’s annual list of the books most often requested to be banned. ALA’s List of Challenged Books for 2010 And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie; Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley; Crank, by Ellen Hopkins; The Hunger Games, by Suzanne […]

Top 10 Superbowl Articles on Mashable

One of my favorite blogs is a geiser of Superbowl articles this year. Check out this list and I bet you’ll become a Mashable fan too. Mashable is one of my favorite blogs and this year they have gone gaga over the superbowl! Just this morning I opened the Mashable app on my iPhone while […]

My question is who is Kristen Stewart?

A random status on Facebook inspires a lighthearted rant about a successful young actress with many films to boast. A friend writes on Facebook, “Kristen Stewart is the most uninteresting person on the planet.” The name does not ring a bell with me. Nor does it ring a bell with my friend’s friend on Facebook. […]

25 Movies with Artistic, Cultural or Historical Significance

National Film Preservation Board Selects 25 Movies to add to the National Film Registry. The Empire Strikes Back, The Exorcist, Saturday Night Fever, and Airplane! are among movies selected in 2010 for preservation. See the complete 2010 list. National Film Preservation Board Selects 25 Movies to add to the National Film Registry. The Empire Strikes […]

Copyblogger’s 10 Tricks For Getting Inspired to Write

Beat writer’s block with this top 10 list of tricks to regain your writing inspiration. Need some help getting started writing? Looking for writing inspiration? Sometimes our creative juices flow into a logjam. Writer’s block maximus. Sometimes our muse is on vacation. Literally. CopyBlogger has some great tips for you! Inspiration can come from a […]

Just for Writers – A Collection of Books for Inspiration and Publishing

Spilled Ink has created an Amazon aStore of a select collection of books for inspiration, beating writer’s block, and getting published. Spilled Ink has just created a new Amazon aStore of a select collection of books to help writers find inspiration, get past writer’s block, and get published. This bookstore created just for writers is […]

Palin, Her Gaffes Second to One: Obama

An editorial discussing the pointless harassment of Palin and her gaffes. The ridicule only perpetuates her career. President Obama and Vice President Biden are also known for their Gaffes. If people simply stopped talking about Palin, she would go away. Although, its not just about lack of experience, hypocrisy and gaffes. Consider our current president […]

Earth Swallows Miners Again – 27 Miners Trapped

The latest mining disaster to to capture the world’s attention is New Zealand. If you haven’t heard, the Earth has swallowed another group of miners. This time in New Zealand. The tragedy and rescue of the trapped Chilean miners is fresh in our global consciousness. The Chilean miners arrived this week in Los Angeles, California […]

Top 5 Favorite Will Rogers Quotes

Will Rogers was a popular entertainer, satirist, and humorist in first half of the 1900s. I never met a man I didn’t like. — Will Rogers Will Rogers was a popular and quotable American humorist and entertainer. Initially starring in silent films and later in ‘talkies”, Rogers captivated his audience with wit and humor. Rogers […]

I Farted on the Train

A humorous short poem about farting on the train. By T. Curtis on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 7:00pm I farted on the train Clouds formed, then it rained Tears formed in passengers’ eyes As the sweet gas passed between my thighs I farted on the train It was dry and left no stain …on […]

Find the Best Deals Online via Daily Deal Websites

Find the best deals online via deal-a-day sites offering daily deals on a variety of products such as restaurants, movies, events and tickets, travel, spas, clothing, and electronic gadgets. We all love a great deal on the things we buy. Whether its restaurants, clothing, event tickets, tours, spas, cars, music, or movies – we want […]

Guadalupe River of California

The Guadalupe River runs 14 miles, forming from headwater creeks in the Santa Cruz Mountains near the summit of Loma Prieta and Mount Umunhum, flowing north through San Jose (Santa Clara Valley) and into the San Francisco Bay at the Alviso Slough. Read more about the Guadalupe River of Califonia on Wikipedia