The Big Bang Theory’s episode, “The Friendship Algorithm”, where Sheldon tries to make new friends is one of Spilled Ink’s favorite TV episodes!

From IMDB’s Episode Guide: “Sheldon tries to make friends with a despised colleague, with the hopes that it will get him access to a coveted computer in the lab.” Original Air Date—19 January 2009. This episode is part of the Season 2 collection.

Renewed for a fourth season, The Big Bang Theory is currently in it’s third season. The Big Bang Theory is a comedy sitcom airing on CBS about post-college scientist-geeks who live across the hall from a hot blond waitress/want-to-be-actress, “Penny”. Contrasting their geekiness with Penny’s social skills and common sense, Leonard and Sheldon often approach situations – such as making friends – in a purely analytical and scientific approach which consistently blows up in to hilarity and zaniness. “BAZINGA!”

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