There are a variety of new shows on television this fall season. Most likely you will enjoy several of them!

The Event
is a thriller/drama show. Through a series of scenes presented out of sequence, the show follows the life of a young man and his girl friend, as well as the president of the United States and his staff. The show is reminiscent of the recently canceled FlashForward
. This show will be entertaining to fans of Lost, as well. Available on Amazon.

La Femme Nikita – Show is OK. They work the formula well. Lots of good looking young skinny people who have unexpected street cred and skills. Unfortunately the show lacks the magic of the French film it is based on (American remake The Point of No Return). It also lacks most of the plot. If you liked the short series “Dollhouse
” you will enjoy this show. Available to watch at

My Generation
Its a faux reality show (that means fake). Its about a group of people 10 years after they graduated from high school. The characters are horribly racially stereotyped. I find the show offense. The show is also a complete downer. None of them are happy and life sucks for all them. I bet this show increases the suicide rate for the 25-35 yr old demographic. Who needs a fake reality show to show us real life. Available on Amazon.

is another series based on a movie. The plot is simplistic: a white man is transferred to work in India‚Ķ hilarity is supposed to ensue because of cultural differences between India and red-state America and funny Indian-English accents. Again, its pathetically based on trite stereotypes. Who doesn’t know the cow is sacred to the Indian culture? You might also be interested in Office Space Available on Amazon.

Raising Hope
– A poke at a poor, uneducated white American family who’s teenage son has a one-night-stand with a serial murderer and becomes a father. Fans of comedy sitcom tv will recognize several of the actors and actresses. While the first episode is entertaining, its PROOF that people need to THINK REAL HARD before having children. If you like this show then check out the movie Raising Arizona. Available on Amazon.