A humorous short poem about farting on the train.

By T. Curtis on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 7:00pm

I farted on the train
Clouds formed, then it rained
Tears formed in passengers’ eyes
As the sweet gas passed between my thighs

I farted on the train
It was dry and left no stain
…on the seat on which I sat
Just imagine, had I shat!

I farted on the train
One woman frowned, another pained
3 rows back, one exclaimed
“Oh my, oh my — oh my, stop the train…”

I farted on train
Again, and again, and again
Between stations and right on through
My ass burped a bouquet of poo

I farted on the train
To everyone’s disdain
Some leaned and then some craned
Their attempts to escape, clearly in vain

I farted on the train
My Mona Lisa-grin plain
Though the others squirmed and strained
I sat innocent and refrained