Learn how to buy a home from leading finance advice sites and Mike Caplan Real Estate.

Where Do You Start?

Family buys new home

Buying a house can be a chore. Where do you start? What should one know about mortgages, taxes, home owner association frees, insurance, short sales, bank owned? Personally, I have never bought a home, but I am considering it. I finally make good pay and I need real estate advice. Like you I have been searching the Internet for Home Buying Advice. There are a million web pages out there about real estate and home buying. I know that buying a home can be a good investment for my future and for retirement. My first steps are to look to see what sites such as CNN Money and MSN Real Estate are saying about it – but I am also talking to a real estate agent in Los Gatos, CA I know and trust: Mike Caplan Real Estate. I am also buying some books from Amazon. Hopefully I’ll avoid some of the pitfalls I have heard about such as termites, dry rot, roofing, plumbing, wiring, closing fees and whatnot.

Did you know…

How to Buy a House in 2010 – Consumer Research Center

– Home Buying Institute.

“The recent housing crisis taught us that first-time home buyers need to be better educated before taking the plunge. For instance, there were more home foreclosures in 2009 than any other year on record. Many of these could have been avoided, if people had simply done more research in advance. That’s where this guide comes into the picture. The lessons below will teach you how to buy a house the right way, through proper research and planning.

Methodology: Each week, the Home Buying Institute receives dozens of emails from home buyers. Many of these emails ask the same questions, repeatedly. You’ll find answers to these frequently asked questions.” Read FAQs