An editorial discussing the pointless harassment of Palin and her gaffes. The ridicule only perpetuates her career. President Obama and Vice President Biden are also known for their Gaffes.

If people simply stopped talking about Palin, she would go away.

Although, its not just about lack of experience, hypocrisy and gaffes. Consider our current president and vice president. No previous military, executive, nor economic experience.

Obama said he visited “57” US states except for “Alaska and Florida.” Several times he hasn’t known what state nor city he was in. He doesn’t know what states border state he was representing. He is routinely wrong with geography and history. He even got facts about his own life wrong in his book and on the campaign trail. Plus, for those who enjoy the most petty stuff, he mispronounces Massachusetts as bad as Bush mispronounces nuclear.

We don’t need to list the toes of Biden’s perpetual foot in the mouth.

Yet there are scarier details such as Obama blatantly misrepresenting the economics of the healthcare reform bill. Forgetting he campaigned as a Christian yet referred to himself as a Muslim during an interview. Or his attack on Christianity in general with instances of ridicule of scripture like Sermon on the Mount, which lines honor those the Democratic party claims to care about the most. Obama attended without hesitation a church that bestowed its highest social achievement award upon Louis Farrakhan, one of the ugliest racists and men of hate in our time. (Only once Obama began campaigning had he made to appear to distance himself.) Obama is on tape making derogatory racial and sexist comments, himself.

And yet, none of these events that make the house of cards which is Obama’s empty promise of Change matter to those who routinely criticize Palin. News outlets such as NPR, Huffinton Post, and the Slate won’t acknowledge Obama’s Palin-like gaffes. They do not harp on Obamisms day after day.

We shouldn’t worry about Obama’s and Palin’s gaffes and hypocrisy, though. We should worry about our own, and our lack of knowledge about the very candidates we support who are not, in these regards, any better than Palin.

Barack Obama Bloopers and Blunders